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A note on meadow management

Establishing wildflower meadows

It is that time of year when wildflower meadows receive their annual cut.

Big or small, by allowing areas of gardens to grow wild is a wonderful way to increase the natural biodiversity and give a home to wildlife.

Meadows should be mown annually for their management and cutting at different times can control the flower species that will thrive.

The hay cut of late summer will encourage scabious and knapweed. Cutting in autumn stops the grasses from taking over and suppressing the wildflowers.

After mowing, leave the cuttings for a few days to ensure wildflower seeds are dispersed. But then the cuttings must be removed so as not to feed the grasses.

Wildflowers grow best on poor ground, so do not need extra feeding or watering.

So in these times of drought, meadows may be the answer.


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