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Five indoor plants you should have to boost your wellbeing at home

Plants for your home and your health

In all the hustle and bustle of daily life, anything that can help towards alleviating the feelings of stress and anxiety that we experience from work or home life can only be a benefit.

The importance of having sound mental health is the foundation of how well we feel in other areas of our lives. By feeling happier and calmer, this in itself can boost our immune systems, lessen depression and anxiety and ensure that we feel healthier physically.

Working in our gardens and connecting with nature is one way of achieving this for our mental health, but we can also be growing plants inside our homes too.

Maybe you don’t have a garden and you would like to grow a tropical oasis in your own home, or if getting outside is not so accessible, then why not try growing these few plants inside your home.

They will not only brighten up your abode, but they have hidden powers that will help to fight those feelings of stress and anxiety that can sometimes be crippling for us.


As mentioned in my article, Five herbs you should grow to boost wellbeing, Lavender is a wonderful plant in so many ways.

No garden is complete without a lavender plant. But the calming properties of lavender are so well-known, that the benefits to your mental health of growing them indoors cannot be overstated either.

Lavender is used in essential oils because its delicate, soothing scent can alleviate stress so well. It can aid with sleep and calm anxiety.

For these reasons, why not try growing it in your bedroom or place it in your bathroom for those times when you need to take a relaxing bath.


Grown most popularly as a herb for seasoning and cooking, it has been shown that Rosemary has some very positive impacts on mental health.

It can help to improve mood, calm stressful feelings and also increase your focus and therefore your productivity.

So it’s not only worth keeping a pot of this in the kitchen now for cooking with, but also in other areas of the house. And as with the other plants, it can purify the air in your home with the best of them.

English lvy

If you like the look of vines climbing in your home, then why not try English lvy. It would give your home a tropical feel, but it would also do so much more than that in terms of cleansing the air of toxins.

Studies have shown that the air in our homes can contain harmful pollutants, such as benzene, formaldehyde and xylene. English Ivy can contain these chemicals, purifying the air and improving our health as a result.

And any improvement to our health can subsequently boost our wellbeing, making us feel happier and calmer.

Snake plant

The Snake plant, or Sansevieria, is so striking that it will really cut a dash in any home. And as its foliage grows upwards, it’s also a good plant if you are short on space.

They’re great for beginners, as they don’t require a lot of watering and they will tolerate a bit of low light.

They will filter and purify the air, removing those toxins that can cause low mood or affect sleep patterns. It is also said that they release oxygen into the air at night, so one in your bedroom could really help to promote your wellbeing and mindfulness.

Chinese Evergreen

Great for the beginner houseplant parent, the Chinese Evergreen, or Aglaonema, will thrive in an environment with low light levels. As they are easy to grow, they are an ideal starter plant if you’re new to keeping houseplants.

They are tolerant of many growing conditions, such as drought or low light, but they do dislike a draught.

The foliage of this plant not only looks impressive, but it does a fabulous job of filtering toxins from the air, improving both the air quality and your mood. Natural air fresheners.


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