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Herbs have flowers too

How we can help pollinators

There are many plants that we can grow in our gardens to attract pollinators. But did you know how beneficial it is for them when we let our herbs go to flower.

Pollinators love flowers that grow in full sun and many herbs prefer a sunny position and are easy to grow.

To attract pollinators to your garden, grow a variety of plants. Some annuals and perennials, and grow native where you can.

Try growing borage and bee balm for beautiful flowers that the bees will love, as well as allowing your marjoram and oregano to go to flower.

Mint, rosemary and thyme will also attract the bees and butterflies, and lets not forget that fennel, chive and sage flowers are all rich in pollen and nectar.

So, why not let your herbs flower for the pollinators.


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