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Let It Bloom June for Wildlife

Why we should stop mowing our lawns this summer

We had No Mow May. A wonderful opportunity to let the grass grow and the wildflowers bloom.

But why not carry on this amazing chance to allow insects and wildlife to thrive in our gardens this summer through Let It Bloom June.

Lawns can be boring. But imagine what can happen and what you could attract to your garden just by letting the grass grow. A biodiversity paradise.

Variety is key

A garden with a variation in grass heights and different plant species will become a haven for wildlife. And you can create this in your own back yard by leaving the grass to do its thing and mowing paths through the sward. You don’t even have to have a big garden to do this.

And who knows, you might get a wonderful surprise once you stop mowing and the flowers start blooming. Many plant species have been reported that would never have had a chance to grow through consistent mowing and this includes wild orchids.

A natural ecosystem

Our gardens are part of an ecosystem and a natural food chain. By letting the grass grow long, we can attract a whole horde of insects and beetles. Not to mention solitary bumble bees that like to nest in the long grass. And who doesn’t love a bumble bee.

Speaking of bees, once you stop mowing the grass, the clover will grow. And this will become a magnet for the pollinators.

Pollinating insects are so valuable to our gardens and the ecosystem as a whole. Without the pollinators, we would simply not have many of the plants that we love and it would impact food production globally.

Let it bloom

By encouraging the wildflowers to grow, we would be attracting all these pollinating insects to our gardens. And this not only benefits our plants and gardens, but it benefits us too, as being outdoors and connecting with nature is so important to our mental health and wellbeing.

So why not leave the mower in the shed and let’s do our bit for wildlife this summer by letting the grass grow and Let It Bloom June.


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