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On plants for your garden that are flowering now

Plants for your garden that are looking good right now

The temperatures are warming up, it’s time to start harvesting our veg crops and the fruit is ripening. The sun is out and the bees are flying.

Summer is coming.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few colourful choices for your garden that you can plant now.

You can’t get more colourful at the moment than these Lupins. A few years ago, they were all the rage and quite the fashion. But they will never fall out of fashion in my garden for the joy that they bring me. For me, they will always have their place.

Lupins are a real cottage garden plant. They like a sunny spot and because of their height, they do well at the back of the border. They are loved by slugs and snails, though, so will need a bit of protection.

Cut back the stem after flowering and you may find that you get a second flush of flowers. They will reward you with so much colour all summer long.

Another favourite of the cottage garden is the foxgloves, or Digitalis. Many types of foxgloves like a shadier spot, think woodland setting, but you may find some that don’t mind a bit of sun too.

I love foxgloves for their self-seeding nature. Any plant that likes to re-seed itself around is welcome in my garden, as it makes for such a natural garden and attracts all manner of wildlife.

Foxgloves are biennial, so they have a two-year cycle. They grow foliage and put down roots in their first year and then flower in their second year.

Once they have flowered, they produce tiny black seeds. These will spread and you will have lots of new plants next year for your garden.

An unusual but very striking plant is Phlomis, or Turkish sage. A taller plant, which can grow to nearly a metre, it looks wonderful planted en masse.

Loved by the bees, it has leaves like a sage plant and distinctive, hooded primrose-yellow flowers. It’s a new one for me this year, but it is so impressive and now, I wouldn’t want to be without it.

I’m looking forward to seeing it spread in the years to come.

For something a bit more exotic in your garden, why not try a Calla lily, or Zantedeschia. They come in the most delightfully beautiful colours and look stunning in any garden situation.

They will grow very well in both borders and in containers. But due to their tender nature, they are not cold hardy. Because of this, they would not survive a winter outside and would need bringing in. So they are not only a great plant for the summer garden, but they also do well as indoor plants in the winter.

With a little bit of looking after, they will reward you with their beautiful flowers every year.

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