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Planting Trees for the Future

How planting trees could help to mitigate the impacts of climate change

Our planet is in the grip of a climate crisis.

Global warming is occurring at an alarming rate and our natural world is severely at risk. Temperatures are set to increase globally by three or four degrees, but the reality is that the increase may actually be higher than this.

We are heading towards an event horizon that is impossible to reverse.

There are many ways that we, as a planet, can mitigate the effects of climate change. One way is to significantly reduce our emissions. But something else that is contributing to global warming in a big way is large-scale deforestation.

Trees for the future

Trees could be one of the most important tools that we have in our back pocket towards the mitigation of climate change.

They can capture and store for centuries massive amounts of carbon that has been taken from our atmosphere.

And given that carbon dioxide is the most harmful of gases in the atmosphere, shouldn’t we be doing all we can to plant new trees and fight for the ones that we’ve already got?

Trees and forests can store over 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare. But once those trees are cut down, all of this carbon is released back into the atmosphere, warming our climate and our planet.

And it is not just the trees in the forest that contribute towards carbon capture, but everything in the ecosystem, such as deadwood, roots and other vegetation, all play their part.

Woodlands do not only store atmospheric carbon, but they also reduce pollution and temperatures in cities, improve soil and prevent flooding, which is now an ever-present threat and stark reality of a changing climate.

We therefore need to be planting trees on a much larger scale, whilst ensuring that we are still protecting the trees and forests that we already have.

Nature in crisis

It is not just trees and forests in peril from climate change, but the biodiversity of our natural world is declining too.

Our nature is in the grip of a crisis too.

Wildlife is suffering due to habitat loss. And habitats such as peat bogs are not only vital habitats to our wildlife, but they are also important carbon capture sinks themselves.

A diverse natural world is key to fighting diseases and subsequently climate change. But through the loss of our native biodiversity, this can only negatively contribute towards the impacts of climate change.

By planting new trees and protecting existing ones, whilst also preventing habitat losses such as peat bogs, this will naturally ensure that our biodiversity is saved and protected for future generations.

Fighting a global issue at a local level

Climate change is a global issue and as individuals, it can feel very overwhelming to us.

Planting trees is only one thing that can be done. There are many more solutions that need to be done on a global level, if significant change is to be seen.

But by making small changes, whether it is planting trees in our own back garden or on a larger community scale, this is something positive that we can get behind in the fight against climate change.


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