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Welcome to my new gardening blog!

Hi, my name is Ivy Shepherd and thank you for visiting my gardening blog.

I’ve been gardening for a long time, but this is only the start of my blogging journey. So please be patient with me while I learn the steps.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it for you. My aim is to inform and encourage you all to get out there gardening, as well as garden for nature and wildlife along the way. I also like to talk about the environment from time to time, as it‘s a big passion of mine.

I believe that gardening can do so much for us, for our mental and physical health, for our minds and our bodies.

I would love to connect with you all on Twitter, so be sure to stop by and see me over there.

Thanks again for visiting and let’s get outside in our gardens!

Ivy Shepherd 💚


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