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Why you should grow borage in your garden

A spotlight on this wonderful superplant

Known as the starflower, borage is truly a superplant.

Edible and medicinal, borage is a herb that has many uses in the kitchen, as well as being a favourite source of nectar and pollen to pollinators.

With its starry, blue flowers, it is an annual, so it does all of its growing in one season. But it is a prolific self-seeder and will establish itself in your garden, coming back year after year.

Because of its attraction to pollinators, it is a great companion plant for fruit such as strawberries and also tomato plants, increasing their yield. Borage will provide a resistance to pests and diseases to the other plants that it is planted amongst.

Beekeepers love to site their hives close to borage for the well sought after flavour that it lends to the honey.

With its cucumber-flavoured leaves, all parts of the plant, except the roots, can be eaten. The flowers can be used as a garnish and really brighten up a dish.

Borage in my garden

I have a corner of the garden that is dedicated to borage. It has self-set itself and l leave it to grow and spread every year for the benefit that it brings to the bees.

I love seeing the delicate blue, star-shaped flowers growing among the poppies and there is nothing like hearing the buzz of the bees on a hot summer’s day that can’t help but be attracted to it.

I grow borage for the pollinators and it has certainly earned its place in my garden.

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