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Why you should stop cutting your grass

Stop mowing to make a home for wildlife

Do you ever wish you didn’t have to go out and cut the grass?

Did you know that if you were to stop cutting the grass this season you would be making a home for the wildlife in your garden?

The climate is changing. There are many things that we can do to help and making a home for wildlife is one small part of it.

Biodiversity net gain

As soon as you stop cutting the grass in your garden, the grass gets longer and the wildflowers start to appear.

When the grass is longer, it increases the soil moisture and creates a shelter for all manner of insects and larvae. Different grass heights and variations of species increase the biodiversity in your garden.

By creating the ideal home for these insects, these in turn are a perfect food source for birds and their chicks. A natural food chain in your own garden.

Clover and daisies start to grow. And this will attract the pollinators.

The old ways

Before modern farming methods, meadows were managed for haymaking. And the wildflowers thrived. They are the foundations needed to support all of our wildlife.

Wildflowers need management or the grasses will take over.

So in the old ways, the grass was left to grow and then cut in the late summer. And so the wildflowers were allowed to bloom.

Meadow buttercup, cowslips, birds-foot trefoil and oxeye daisy. And so many more.

Then the flowers set seed, the grass is cut and the process repeats. A cyclical nature.

With the onset of intensive farming, the old ways have been lost and wildflowers and wildlife have been in decline.

Take a break

Why not recreate the old ways in your garden.

To create a diversified effect in your outdoor space, why not try mowing paths through the long grass. This will allow the flowers to flourish and the wildlife to prosper, while still maintaining some element of order in the beautiful chaos.

Take a more relaxed view of your garden and let’s not deprive pollinators of a vital food source.

Save yourself a bit of time by not cutting the grass this season and instead, let’s reconnect with nature and give wildlife a home.


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